Welcome to Mike’s Eye!

There was one more calendar available for 2015, and after thinking it had sold out, found a few more!

If you are seeking a Lakeland image to enhance your home or workplace, we can tailor most scenes to suit your requirements. We specialise in making a mounted print or stretched canvas, (within reason), to suit most specifications. If you have a big wall to fill we may be able to supply an image in Triptych form or even in five sections, especially if you desire a tall and wide image. Use the contact page to let us know your favourite image how large you would like it to be and the cost. There are too many options to list as items!

Mike’s-Eye gallery is at the corner of Derwent Street and Borrowdale Road (near Fishers)  and is normally open each day except Sundays and (especially in winter up to Feb half term) Wednesdays.  Please make contact if you wish to visit at any special time when or if you visit Keswick.

Gradually adding more of the collection on to the site, let me know if you require a special scene/view.